Nearshore Solutions

Nearshore Solutions

Benefits of OMNISTARR Nearshore Solutions

1. CONCURRENT WORK HOURS: In contrast to offshore teams, which may face challenges due to differing business hours, OMNISTAR’s Nearshore teams benefit from synchronized time zones, enabling seamless real-time collaboration and fostering robust working relationships with minimal delays in communication. Moreover, arranging face-to-face meetings and on-site visits to delve into intricate project specifics can be easily coordinated.

2. EXTENSIVE TALENT RESERVOIR: In the realm of remote work, geographical location holds less significance. Latin America has seen a surge in the availability of technology professionals, attributed to its robust university networks and comprehensive technology-focused educational initiatives.

3. ADJUST CAPACITY FLUIDLY: Through our Nearshore solutions, you possess the adaptability to adjust the scale of technology expertise according to demand. Augment your primary teams with specialized resources as needed, avoiding the necessity of full-time hires that may require termination or reassignment.

4. HIGH-CALIBER WORKFORCE AT COMPETITIVE SALARIES: Companies can implement technical solutions at reduced rates in Mexico and LATAM due to lower costs of living and wages compared to their U.S. counterparts. Moreover, savings are further realized through decreased travel expenses for onsite visits compared to offshore options. Our Nearshore solutions effectively diminish your organization’s operating costs.

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